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CRIRES: Reference frames


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Reference Frames
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CRIRES reference frames

The CRIRES reference frames pages offer:

  • example frames for the daily health check settings (plus selected additional settings)
  • an atlas of ThAr and N2O wavelength calibration exposures
  • S/N in flat fields.
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Daily settings wave cal atlas
  S/N in flat fields

Daily Health Check settings

The following CRIRES calibrations are measured daily independent from the settings used during the night:

  • DARKs: a set of 3 darks for DIT = 1 and DIT = 300 sec
  • FLATs: one flat-field for each for the reference wavelengths 1090.4, 3218.6, and 4092.9 nm;
    two flats with 2199.1 nm, one with the halogen lamp and one with the IR emitter
  • WAVEs: a ThAr exposure for 1090.4 nm and a N2O exposure at 4092.9 nm.

DARK reference frames

DET.DIT   1 sec 300 sec
Dark (DARK)  
raw frames raw raw
headers hdr hdr
master (CALPRO,DARK)  
master files   master master

FLAT reference frames

Wavelength: INS.WLEN.REF   1090.4 nm 3218.6 nm 4092.9 nm   2199.1 nm 4279.6 nm
Flat (FLAT)     flat2199 flat4279
raw frames raw raw raw   raw raw
headers hdr hdr hdr   hdr hdr
masters (CALPRO,DARK)        
master files   master master master      
bad pixel map            
BPM files (CALPRO,BPM)     bpm        

WAVE reference frames

Wavelength: INS.WLEN.REF   1090.4 nm 4092.9 nm
Opt Elem: INS1.LAMP4(ThAR)/LAMP1(Halogen).NAME   ThAr
arc lamp
gas cell
raw frames raw raw
headers hdr hdr


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