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Reference Frames
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Standard FLAMES/UVES reference frames

FLAMES calibrations are taken for MEDUSA, IFU, ARGUS and UVES settings, according to the FLAMES calibration plan. In Service Mode, calibrations for certain settings are not taken every day. For example, UVES slit flatfields are only taken weekly (see the calibration plan).

Note that for the fibre flats and arcs, the appearence and counts are different depending on which plate is used.

Here you find the FLAMES/UVES reference frames. Check out for the FLAMES/Giraffe data here.

Standard FLAMES/UVES Calibration Frames (always with binning 1x1 and the RED arm only)

For UVES calibrations, the counts should not exceed around 35,000 ADU on the reddest CCD (left hand chip on the displayed images), and should not exceed about 45,000 ADU on the blue-end CCD (right hand chip on the displayed images). Counts much below 8-10,000 ADU should be flagged, as they could indicate problems with the lamp. Finally, note that when used within FLAMES, the blue-arm of UVES is not used.

For the UVES fibre flats, a sequence of ODD-EVEN-ALL should be taken (3 flatfields in all). The counts on plate 2 are about 20 per cent higher than on plate 1.

For the UVES slit flats 9 flats are taken, one times three at a central position and two times three at offset positions.

For the UVES 7+1 fibre mode (580-nm only), one of the fibres in arc lamps will usually be fainter than the others as it is from the simulaneous calibration lamp. This fibre is missing in fibre flats, i.e. UVES 7+1 fibre flats have only 7 fibres in total (instead of 8).

Central Wavelength: INS.GRAT2.WLEN

520 nm 580 nm 580 nm 860 nm
Mode: INS.SLIT3.MODE 6fib 8fib 7+1fib 8fib
Arm red red red red
Crossdisperser: INS.GRAT2.WLEN #3 #3 #3 #4
CCD readout Speed: DET.READ.SPEED port/225 kHz port/225 kHz port/225 kHz port/225 kHz
CCD ports 2 2 2 2
Flatfield ODD


hdr hdr hdr hdr
Flatfield EVEN


hdr hdr hdr hdr
Flatfield ALL


hdr hdr hdr hdr
Wavelength ThAr


hdr hdr hdr hdr
Order definition


hdr hdr   hdr
Format check


hdr hdr   hdr
Slit flatfield


hdr hdr   hdr



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