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FLAMES/Giraffe: Reference frames


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Reference Frames
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FLAMES_GIRAFFE reference frames

Reference frames: efficiency curves:
Medusa efficiency curves
IFU&Argus fibre setup

Calibrations are taken for MEDUSA, IFU, and ARGUS settings, according to the FLAMES calibration plan. See the calibration plan.

A number of daily Health Check data are defined:

  • a set of 5 BIAS: every day
  • a set of 6 exposures of the simultaneous calibration fibre (SIMLAMP,TAL): every day
  • a set of Medusa and IFU flats and arclamps every 3 days, of Argus data every 7 days
  • a sequence of 3 DARKs and a set of flats with increasing expores times: every month

For each setting used for science during the night, a sequence of flats and arclamp exposures is taken during daytime.

Here you find the FLAMES_GIRAFFE reference frames. Check out for the FLAMES_UVES data here.

Medusa calibration frames (binning 1x1)

The HR GIRAFFE data shown below are from the grating installed on October 10th 2003.

Note that for the fiber flats and arcs in the MEDUSA modes, the appearence and counts are different depending on which plate (1 or 2) is used.

Due to the large number of possible wavelength settings (22 HR settings + 8 LR settings for 2 Medusa slits, which makes [22+8]x2 = 60 settings), only a selected few are displayed here. The counts should not exceed around 45,000 ADU on the GIRAFFE CCD. In the bluest settings, the counts may be as low as 4,000 ADU, even using long integration times. Counts much below this should be flagged, as they could indicate problems with the lamp.

In the Medusa modes, 5 fibers will have different flux levels from the other ones. This is normal, and is due to these being simultaneous-calibration fibers. For the SCIENCE observations, there should be more than 20 unsaturated lines above 2000 ADU. For settings redward of 700-nm, use of the SimCal lamp causes massive saturation in parts of the images, due to strong Argon lines.

Identify fibres here.
Check efficiency curves here.
Find detailed reference information about selected settings here:
Central wavelength:
395.8 nm 427.2 nm 479.7 nm 525.8 nm 651.5 nm 679.7 nm
HR2 LR2 LR3 HR9 HR14 HR15
Mode: INS.SLIT.NAME Medusa1/2 Medusa1/2 Medusa1/2 Medusa1/2 Medusa1/2 Medusa1/2
Flat field
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Med1 | Med2 Med1 | Med2 Med1 | Med2 Med1 | Med2 Med1 | Med2 Med1 | Med2
ThAr arc lamp
raw files*
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Med1 | Med2 Med1 | Med2 Med1 | Med2 Med1 | Med2 Med1 | Med2 Med1 | Med2
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