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VIMOS: Reference Frames


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Reference Frames
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VIMOS reference frames

Calibrations are taken for IMG, MOS, and IFU settings, according to the VIMOS calibration plan.

Reference frames:
Detector frames
IMG frames
MOS frames
IFU frames


Standard VIMOS-IFU Calibration Frames (always with binning 1x1)

Note: The examples reported here are referring to calibrations taken with all supported settings. With HR and MR grisms the IFU shutter is always ON (only the central part of the IFU head is receiving light). Whith LR grisms the IFU shutter is, in the standard configuration, OFF (all the IFU head is receiving light), but also the shutter ON mode is supported.

When the IFU shutter is OFF each quadrant receives 4 bundles of fibers and when the shutter is ON each quadrant receives 1 bundle. Each bundle is made up of 400 fibers.

LR_blue and HR_blue arc lamp frames should have He and Ne lines, LR_red and MR(+GG475) frames should have He and Ar lines only, MR+OS-blue, HR_red and HR_orange frames should have He, Ne and Ar lines.

(<Q>=1, 2, 3, 4)
LR_blue LR_red MR HR_blue HR_red HR_orange
Flat field
HeArNe arc lamp

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