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In the VLTI DataFlow the raw frames (FITS files) are classified and associated to be processed by the data reduction pipeline and to be distributed to the individual PIs. The associations are done using different tools :

  • On Paranal: raw data are sent on the fly during the night on the pipeline workstation, they are classified and associated with the DO (Data organizer) and processed for quick-look purposes wihout requiring further processing or calibrations.
  • In Garching: all frames including the day-time calibrations and/or calibrations taken on different nights are available when the science data of a night are processed. In this case, we can associate scientific data to calibration data which have been taken either before or after or even on a different night.


Classification and associations

Each type of raw file needs to be classified in order to associate them with the appropriate pipeline recipe (see association map ). The primary FITS header keywords (DPR keywords and some of the TPL keywords) are cross checked against a table. There are several steps in the associations (TBC). Several raw files can be associated to different calibration products .

The following tables shows the characteristics of the files associated together to be processed with the pipeline recipe "reduce fringe"

RAW TYPE type of object template pipeline recipe DPR CATG DPR TYPE  
P2VM Spectral Calibration p2vm amber_pvm CALIB WAVE,3TEL or WAVE,2TEL
P2VM Internal Visibility Calibration p2vm amber_pvm CALIB 3P2V or 2P2V  
OBJECT Fringe_measurement 3T/2TStd_Obs amber_reduced CALIB/SCIENCE OBJECT  
DARK Dark to calibrate the Fringe 3T/2TStd_Obs amber_reduced CALIB/SCIENCE OBJECT  
SKY Sky to calibrate the Fringe 3T/2TStd_Obs amber_reduced CALIB/SCIENCE OBJECT