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AMBER Calibrators
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There is an ESO tool to select suitable calibrators for the VLTI instruments.

This tool uses a database compiled from a fits file. This fits file is used by the AMBER pipeline (as well as the other VLTI instruments pipelines). The calibrators are extracted from the following catalogs:

  • Borde et al "A catalogue of calibrator stars for long baseline stellar interferometry" ( Astron. Astrophys. 393, 183-193, 2002)
  • Merand et al "A catalog of bright calibrator stars for 200-m baseline near-infrared stellar interferometry" ( Astron. Astrophys. 433, 1155-1162, 2005)
  • JMMC Stellar Diameter Catalog which includes also faint objects suitable for GRAVITY or MATISSE.
The catalog covers faint to bright objects, short to long baselines. Some objects have already been observed with the VLTI Commissioning instrument VINCI and later with MIDI and AMBER. The catalog covers also all the bands of the present VLTI instruments (J, H, K and N bands).

The ESO tool is available on the ESO ETC page, under VLTI Calculators (CalVin).

There are 2 versions of the tool, one which is retricted to configurations offered for the current or following period such as baselines, bands, resolutions, and an expert version which includes all the possible instrument settings. This is offered under CalVinExpert.

Monitoring of AMBER Calibrators

All the calibrators observed with the VLTI are processed by the pipeline in Garching and their uncalibrated V^2 and transfer Function is monitored during the night. If a calibrator is found not suitable, it is added to the bad calibrator list maintained by the community.

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