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detector: bias (low gain)
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Last update: 2009-04-29T14:14:31 (UT)
| now: 2022-05-28T17:57:28 (UT)  
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Average ? Thresholds ? N_
method value unit method value
1 QC1DB yes (0) MEDIAN 204.2 ADU 3SIG± 33.99841 24 median_masterA this | last_yr | all 4port readout (Garching)
2 QC1DB yes (0) MEDIAN 206.39999 ADU 3SIG± 28.50867 24 median_masterB this | last_yr | all 4port readout (Garching)
4 QC1DB yes (0) MEDIAN 205.0 ADU 3SIG± 28.47781 24 median_masterC this | last_yr | all 4port readout (Garching)
5 QC1DB yes (0) MEDIAN 206.8 ADU 3SIG± 29.43537 24 median_masterD this | last_yr | all 4port readout (Garching)
6 QC1DB yes (0) MEDIAN 206.39999 ADU 3SIG± 33.48028 25 median_masterA this | last_yr | all 1port readout (Paranal)
3 xQC1DB yes (0) MEDIAN 14.3 ADU 3SIG± 5.51548 158 ins_focus_temp this | last_yr | all Temperature at Instrument Focus
*Data sources: QC1DB: QC1 database; LOCAL: local text file | **OPS: to indicate that OPSLOG data are included
This plot

The bias level (in ADU) is evaluated as the median value (per port) of all pixels in the master bias.  

General information

Click on any of the plots to see a close-up version.

If applicable, the latest values from Paranal ops logs are plotted as blue dots. More information about those values, including a download option, is available in the OPS column.

The latest date is indicated on top of the plot, data points belonging to that date are specially marked.

If configured,

  • statistical averages are indicated by a solid line, and thresholds by broken lines
  • outliers are marked by a red asterisk. They are defined as data points outside the threshold lines
  • "aliens" (= data points outside the plot Y limits) are marked by a red arrow ( or )
  • you can download the data for each parameter set if the 'Data downloads' link shows up