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GIRAFFE data types

Here is a list of the current FLAMES/Giraffe data types, their definition, description, function, and approximate frequency within the Calibration Plan (if applicable). The first four columns list the content of the FITS keys HIERARCH.ESO.DPR.CATG/TYPE/TECH and of HIERARCH.ESO.INS.MODE.

DPR.CATG DPR.TYPE DPR.TECH INS.MODE description useful for science reduction? frequency
SCIENCE OBJECT,SimCal or OBJECT,OzPoz MOS or IFU MED, IFU, ARG science exposure (with/without simultaneous calib fibres: SimCal/OzPoz)    
ACQUISITION ACQUISITION OBJECT IMAGE FACQ acquisition image no with science
CALIB BIAS IMAGE   bias yes daily
CALIB DARK IMAGE   dark exposure no monthly
CALIB LAMP,FLAT MOS or IFU MED, IFU, ARG standard flat lamp exposure with robotic calibration unit yes daily
CALIB LAMP,FLAT,NASMYTH MOS or IFU MED, IFU, ARG flat lamp exposure with Nasmyth screen (not regularly done, better illumination) yes for IFU and ARG
CALIB LAMP,WAVE MOS or IFU MED, IFU, ARG arc lamp exposure yes daily
CALIB STD,SimCal or STD,OzPoz [MOS or] IFU [MED, IFU,] ARG standard star exposure (with/without simultaneous calib fibres: SimCal/OzPoz); routinely only for ARG no daily
CALIB SIMLAMP,TAL MOS or IFU MED, IFU, ARG simultaneous calibration fibres only, arclamp (health check) no daily
CALIB SIMLAMP,HAL MOS or IFU MED, IFU, ARG simultaneous calibration fibres only, flat lamp (technical) no rarely
CALIB SLITLAMP,TAL or HAL or FFL ... ... special slitlamp (technical) no rarely
CALIB LAMP,FLAT IMAGE   flat lamp exposure without fibre system (technical) no monthly
TEST ... ... ... invalid data, not suitable for calibration or science no  

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