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Last update: 2019-07-02T07:43:00 (UT)

General news: NOTE: The Health Check and calChecker services are moved to qcFlow on an instrument by instrument basis. The current pages will not be updated any longer once the move has been finished.
The links to KMOS, UVES, and ESPRESSO have been moved to a new section (qcFlow operational) at the lower part of the navigation bar.
SINFONI news: 2019-06-26: SINFONI taken out of operations

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  report scores
KPI     no scoring
dark   DARK_dit=300 dit=10 dit=60 dit=600 dit=900
lamp_flat   lamp_eff lamp_badpix lamp_off lamp_fpn1 lamp_fpn2 vignetting_check_sl1 vignetting_check_sl32
wavelength   wavelength res_power slit_pos#17 fwhm_lines N_lines lamp_mean lamp_max
gain_&_linearity   detector_gain nonlinear_pixels linearity_coef_C0 coef_C1 coef_C2
STD:blind_spot     no scoring
STD:telluric   std_flux std_peak_AO std_strehl_AO std_persistence std_peak_all std_strehl_all
STD:PSF   psf_flux psf_strehl psf_persistence psf_center
STD:efficiency     no scoring
image_quality   STD_image_quality:_J H K H+K PSF_image_quality:_J H K H+K
pupil   PUPIL_cent
distortion   slit_dist_ALL slit_dist_JHK distortion_shift distortion_coef00 coef01 coef10 coef11 coef20 coef02 coef21