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IDP downloads

IDP data downloads

The IDP (internal data products) download pages measure two main quantities: the number of individual IDPs downloaded, and the number of requests. Conceptually, these numbers measure the interest of the community in the ESO-provided science-grade data products.

The plots display cumulative numbers (total downloads up to a given date) in the upper panel, and monthly numbers in the lower panel. There are two datasets: 'ALL' refers to any kind of IDP, and 'PI' marks the IDPs which at the time of download were available to PIs only (priviledged access). The PI channel is interesting to monitor in order to observe the PI's interest in IDPs.

The first plot also displays the number of distinct file downloads (the difference to the 'ALL' numbers being multiple downloads of the same file).

The IDP production started in 2013-10 with the UVES_ECHELLE IDPs. It was followed by the XSHOOTER SLIT (ECHELLE) IDPs in 2014-05 and the GIRAFFE (MEDUSA) IDPs in 2015-05. While these IDPs are being processed by QC, the HARPS IDPs are a special case since they are created by an automatic pipeline and ingested, unsupervised, by an archive process. Nevertheless they are included here to monitor the user interest in that kind of spectroscopic data products.

Find more information about the UVES IDPs here, about the XSHOOTER IDPs here and about the GIRAFFE IDPs here. The archive interface for spectroscopic data products can be found here.