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Raw data downloads
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Raw data downloads

This parameter measures the data volume of all raw data downloaded by QC for processing, per month. Until June 2009, only the SM science data, plus all calibrations, were downloaded for processing. Then, until October 2011, all science (SM and VM) and all calibration data were downloaded and processed (provided they had pipeline support). Since October 2011, only the calibration data are downloaded and processed, no science data are processed in daily mode. Since 2013, science data for selected instruments are processed as IDPs. IDP processes exist for instruments marked by *.

All raw data are transfered via the data transfer link into NGAS, from where QC downloads them for processing. The monthly data volume under subsection 'ALL' measures the size of all QC downloads per month.

The plots split by instrument. There is also 'ALL' collecting sums for all instruments. Note that most metrics have been collected since 2004 or later. Comparison numbers from earlier epochs are not available in the database.

You can do more detailed research, e.g. per instrument mode, using the QC1 interfaces under "advanced studies".