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Product data ingestion
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Product data creation and uploads

Here we measure the volume of data products created by QC. Their volume is collected in GB per month, split by calibrations and science. The third kind of products is ancillary products (logs and plots glued in pseudo-fits files). Their volume is not counted here since it is negligible.

Before 2007-10, only calibration products were stored. Between 2007-10 and 2011-10, both the calibration and the science product data were ingested into NGAS. Since that date, science processing has stopped and only calibration products are stored now in the archive (4). As of 2013-09, the production and ingestion of IDPs (science-grade internal data products) has started for UVES, with new instruments added as resources permitting.

The plots split by instrument. There is also 'ALL' collecting sums for all instruments. Note that most metrics have been collected since 2004 or later. Comparison numbers from earlier epochs are not available in the database.

You can do more detailed research, e.g. per instrument mode, using the QC1 interfaces under "advanced studies".