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Giraffe is part of the complex FLAMES spectroscopic facility installed at the Nasmyth A focus of UT2/Kueyen. FLAMES is able to feed the two spectrographs UVES and Giraffe simultaneously through fibre connections. Find more about the FLAMES facility here.

In April/May 2008, the old GIRAFFE CCD has been replaced by "Carreras", with much higher red sensitivity and reduced fringing in the red. It is an e2v 2-layer anti-reflection coated, deep-depletion CCD, with the same number of pixels (2048x4096) as the old CCD. More information provided here.

This section of the Data Processing and Quality Control web pages covers the FLAMES/Giraffe data. Find the FLAMES/UVES section here.

A general description of the FLAMES capabilities is also available.

All calibration data from Giraffe pass Data Flow Operations Garching.

Use the Giraffe archive web page to browse and download Giraffe raw data.

More information on the Giraffe instrument, especially all technical aspects, can be found on the FLAMES web pages. Giraffe User Manual | Pipeline Manual | Data reduction cookbook

SCIENCE-grade data products available:


GIRAFFE Medusa data: quality-controlled, homogeneous processing of entire data history into spectral data products (not flux-calibrated); new data are added on a monthly basis; data products older than one year are freely accessable, younger data products are available to PIs.


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