FLAMES - Fibre Large Array Multi Element Spectrograph


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FLAMES is the multi-object, intermediate and high resolution spectrograph of the VLT. Mounted at UT2, FLAMES can access targets over a field of view 25 arcmin in diameter. FLAMES feeds two different spectrograph covering the whole visual spectral range: GIRAFFE and UVES.

GIRAFFE allows the observation of up to 130 targets at the time or to do integral field spectroscopy, with intermediate or high resolution (typically from R ~ 5000 to R ~ 30000).

UVES provides higher spectral resolution (R ~ 47000) but can access only up to 8 objects at the time.

Publications based on data obtained with the FLAMES instrument should quote the following reference paper: Pasquini, L. et al. 2002, The Messenger 110, 1.

Contact Information

  • Questions related to proposal preparation, service mode, and visitor mode observations should be addressed via the contact form at  ESO Operations Helpdesk.
  • Please, send us your general feedback, comments, suggestions, or report errors and inaccurate statements in the web pages and manuals also via this contact form.

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  • Overview: a short description of the instrument.
  • News: list of changes affecting the instrument and/or its pages.
  • Instrument Description: all the important parameters of the instrument.
  • Manuals: links to all the documents related to FLAMES.
  • Tools: a collection of useful tools and informations for preparing and analyzing the FLAMES observations.
  • Instrument Operation Team
  • Visitor Instructions: Instrument specific instructions for Visiting Astronomers.
  • Science: provides access to a list of publications, conferences and meetings about FLAMES.