Tools and Tips

XSHOOTER contributed paper library

Publications based on data obtained with XSHOOTER should quote the following reference paper:

Vernet et al. 2011, A&A, 536A, 105 .

XSHOOTER specific tools and information

Telluric standard stars observations WARNING:

Telluric standard stars are observed in nodding instead of staring mode since Period 91. The 400 kHz readout mode for the UVB/VIS arms will be used independently of the readout speed used for the science observations. Detector binning will be the same as for the science observations. This change gives a better correction of the telluric emission and absorption lines as well as bad pixels, especially in the NIR arm. The provided S/N will be between 50-150 by default. Users requiring higher S/N are encouraged to submit their own telluric star OBs, in which case the corresponding execution time must be included in the time requested at Phase 1. There is no change for the IFU telluric standard stars observations. the telluric standard stars observed by the Observatory should have about 10000 ADUs in the middle of the brightest orders of each arms (S/N~50-100). If the user needs the observation of a specific star or needs very high signal to noise, corresponding calibration OBs should be prepared and submitted. The corresponding time will be charged to his/her program. In addition, the Observatory does not provide observations of telluric standard stars with slits of 5”.

Generic tools and information

Some information and tools that are shared by all instruments.