Instructions for Visiting Astronomers

The offered instrument modes and configuration are the same in service and in visitor mode. In both cases, it is necessary to:

  • Check the Instrument News
  • Define the observing strategy and decide which templates to use
  • Know how to use p2 and prepare the observing blocks (OBs)
  • Have an idea about the overheads (see also the ESPRESSO ETC)
  • Check the available Observing Tools
  • In addition, the visiting astronomers are advised to prepare a backup program in case of strong winds (pointing restriction of the telescope) and/or bad seeing.
    Backup targets, as well as additional/change of targets, or change of instrument setups, should be requested following these instructions.

    More general information about VM runs can be found here.

    Instrument-related questions before the VM run starts should be addressed to espresso at Any VM run normally includes two days at the observatory before the observations start, during which the observing strategy is discussed and finalized with the help of the support astronomers.