ERIS - Enhanced Resolution Imaging Spectrograph


The Enhanced Resolution Imager and Spectrograph (ERIS) is a near-infrared instrument at the Cassegrain focus of UT4. ERIS has two science arms, SPIFFIER and NIX. SPIFFIER (IFS) is a medium-resolution integral field spectropgrah covering J to K band. NIX is capable of imaging between J and M band, focal and pupil-plane coronagraphy between K and M band, and long-slit spectroscopy in the L band. ERIS is designed to be used in conjunction with UT4's deformable secondary. The atmospheric turbulence can be sensed with either a natural guide star, or a single artificial star generated with the Laser Guide Stars Facility. ERIS replaces many of the functionalities provided by both NaCo and SINFONI within a single instrument.

Publications based on data obtained with ERIS should quote the following reference paper:

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