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These pages are aimed at ESO community astronomers and contain all the information required in order to prepare, execute, process and exploit observations with ESO facilities. They also provide information on the scientific activities taking place at ESO. Details can be accessed via the navigation menu.

ESO Science Announcements

First Data Release of VVV Photometric Catalogues

Published: 17 Jul 2014

The Public Survey VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea (VVV) is a wide area (562 square degree), near-infrared, multi-epoch imaging survey of the Bulge and part of the Disk of the Milky Way. The initial survey in Z, Y, J, H and Ks is followed by extensive multi-epoch Ks-band observations. VVV photometric catalogues have now been released and are publically available for query.

GOODS/FORS2 Advanced Data Products Available Through Phase 3

Published: 16 Jul 2014

The FORS2 spectra in the GOODS south field are now available as Science Data Products via the Phase 3 query form. These data were migrated to be compliant to the standard for science data products and ingested in the Science Archive via the Phase 3 infrastructure.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships at ESO

Published: 08 Jul 2014

Applications for research fellowships at ESO supported by the European Union Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship scheme are invited. The duration of the fellowships is 12-24 months and they are available to experienced researchers (> 4 years research experience) wishing to advance their career in the stimulating research atmosphere at ESO, subject to eligibility criteria. Application must first be made to ESO and, when accepted, an application is subsequently made to the EU. Full details can be found here. The deadline for the application to ESO is 11 August 2014, and 11 September 2014 for the EU application.

Period 94 Proposal Allocation

Published: 04 Jul 2014

The 94th Observing Programmes Committee met on 19–22 May 2014. A total of 1170.8 (8-hour equivalent) nights of visitor and service mode observations have been allocated on the VLT, VISTA, VST, the 3.6-metre, NTT and APEX telescopes.

MUSE Science Verification

Published: 02 Jul 2014

Of the 86 proposals submitted for the Science Verification (SV) of MUSE, a total of 49 proposals were allocated. The MUSE SV observations ran from 20–29 June 2014 and were executed in service mode by a dedicated team, although not all programmes have been completed. Additional SV time is currently under consideration for scheduling in August.

The Messenger

The Messenger No. 156 is now available. Highlights include:

  • R. Dorn et al. Exploring the Cold Universe at High Spectral Resolution using CRIRES+
  • C. Martayan et al. The X-shooter Imaging Mode
  • A. Jones et al. An Advanced Scattered Moonlight Model
  • T. Wiklind et al. Combining ALMA with HST and VLT to Find the Counterparts of Submillimetre Galaxies
  • M. Lehnert et al. Report on the ESO/RadioNet Workshop "3D2014: Gas and Stars in Galaxies: A Multi-wavelength 3D Perspective"

You can subscribe to the hardcopy of The Messenger or browse the complete archive of issues.

The ESO Science Newsletter

The July 2014 issue is now available.

The ESO Science Newsletter, mailed approximately once per month, presents the most recent announcements. Subscription is controlled through the Manage Profile link on the User Portal. Back issues (2013-) are archived.