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The ESO Telescope Bibliography (telbib) is a database of refereed papers published by the ESO users community. All papers use partly or exclusively data from ESO facilities. Statistics derived from the ESO Telescope Bibliography include only papers based on data from telescopes and instruments for which observing time was recommended by the ESO OPC (Observing Programmes Committee).

telbib is compiled by scanning the major astronomical journals for scientific papers that contain any of the ESO-defined keywords (e.g., telescope and instrument names). All papers included in the database have been inspected visually to ensure that they directly use ESO observational data.

The database is maintained by the ESO Library. The librarians can be reached at

Using telbib

Information for Authors

ESO data citation policy: Publications based on ESO Data. If you publish refereed papers using ESO data, please read these policies on how to ackowledge ESO.

A description regarding the papers that are included in telbib (and those that are not) is available in the "paper classification" section of the telbib Methodology page.



Reports and Statistics

telbib's public interface provides access to papers that use data generated during ESO observing time. In addition, data papers using observations obtained during non-ESO APEX and non-ESO ALMA time can be retrieved. However, telbib statistics include only papers based on data from telescopes and instruments for which observing time is recommended by the ESO OPC (Observing Programmes Committee).

Metrics derived from the database can be explored in various ways:

  • Public telbib interface ( Search results are shown in tabular format. The results sets can be exported for further use. Search results can be shown as animated charts, created on-the-fly based on the user’s queries, by using the VISUALIZE button.
  • telbib Statistics webpage. Interactive graphs of publication statistics derived from the entire ESO Telescope Bibliography (publication years 1996 to present). The graphs can be exported for further use.
  • Basic ESO Publication Statistics (pdf). An overview of publication and citation statistics derived from the ESO Telescope Bibliography.
  • ESO publication statistics overview (html). Statistics are linked to the corresponding papers in telbib.
  • ESO Annual Report. Starting in 2011, the Publications section of the ESO Annual Report provides information about publications based on ESO data. Lists of individual papers can be found on this page in the Annual Report section below.
  • Reports on demand. In case you are interested in more detailed reports, contact the ESO Librarians.

Annual Report Publication Lists

Publications in refereed journals based on ESO data and Additional peer-reviewed publications by ESO scientists

Annual Report ESO data papers (2017) (in telbib database) | Annual Report ESO staff papers 2017 (pdf)
Annual Report ESO data papers (2016) (in telbib database) | Annual Report ESO staff papers 2016 (pdf)
Annual Report publications 2015 (pdf)
Annual Report publications 2014 (pdf)
Annual Report publications 2013 (pdf)
Annual Report publications 2012 (pdf)
Annual Report publications 2011 (pdf)



Background Information

The Telescope Bibliography (telbib) and FUSE are PHP/MySQL tools created by the ESO Library. telbib is used to track ESO-related papers, store additional metadata, and generate statistics or reports. FUSE is a full-text search tool that semi-automatically scans defined sets of journal articles for organisational keyword sets, while providing highlighted results in context. Both tools rely heavily on the ADS web services for bibliographic metadata.

You can find presentation slides and manuscripts describing the design, workflow, and features of telbib and FUSE on the ESO Libraries Publications webpage by searching for the tags telbib or FUSE.

Other Telescope Bibliographies

List of observatory bibliographies. We provide links to publication lists from numerous ground-based and space-based observatories. The links are kept up-to-date to the best of our knowledge, but the list is far from being complete. If you curate an observatory's bibliography and would like us to add it, please let us know.