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Quality Control and Data Processing

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This is the home page of the Quality Control and Data Processing Group (QCG) within ESO's Data Management and Operations Division (DMO). Find here information about the pipeline-processing of data from the VLT and about their quality control.

Trending & QC1 Pipelines Data packages
(until 2011-09 only)

At ESO Headquarters in Garching, calibration data from all Paranal instruments (VLT, VLTI, survey cameras) are processed, their quality is checked and monitored. This is the task of the Quality Control and Data Processing Group ("QC Garching"). This process is part of the back-end of the Data Flow System.

QC Garching has the following main tasks:

  • monitor the calibration plan and report issues back to Paranal Observatory
  • create master calibration data, control their quality and certify them
  • perform instrument trend analysis and feed back the results to Paranal Observatory
  • deliver master calibration data to the archive
  • process pre-imaging data
  • create science-grade data products for selected instruments and instrument modes.


  • PIs can access their raw data and all associated calibration data on the ESO User Portal.
  • After the proprietary period has expired, all archive users can access these data.

* General Services:



www.eso.org/HC HealthCheck Monitor: Information about health check parameters (daily refreshed, includes most recent nights)
www.eso.org/CAL calChecker: calibration completeness monitor (refreshed every half hour)
Reference Frames reference frames archive, for daytime astronomer's use
QC1 Database download and plot QC1 parameters

* Science-grade data products:



UVES science processing UVES ECHELLE data, point sources: quality-controlled, homogeneous processing of complete data stream 2000-now
XSHOOTER science processing XSHOOTER SLIT data: quality-controlled, homogeneous processing of complete data stream 2009-now

* Find here general information about the VLT and VLTI pipelines.

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