Scientific Publications

The ESO Electronic Newsletter

The ESO Science Newsletter is intended to keep the community informed about current activities of interest at ESO. The newsletter appears roughly every two to three months or whenever important news becomes available.

ESO Reports and Proceedings

ESO Annual Report

The ESO Annual Report is presented to the ESO Council by the Director General. It is published once per year and provides an complete overview ESO's activities in the various areas over the past calendar year, e.g. research highlights, operations of the La Silla Paranal Observatory, planning and construction of new facilities, organisational and managerial aspects, outreach activities, etc.

ESO Messenger

The ESO Messenger is a quarterly journal describing ESO's activities.

The ESO Telescope Bibliography

The ESO Telescope Bibliography contains refereed publications directly using ESO data (see ESO data citation policy). Papers that merely cite results published in previous articles are not included. Further information about telbib is available on the web or directly from the librarians.


Contributions of ESO authors which were presented at the SPIE conference in Marseille, France, June 23-28, 2008.

ESO Astrophysics Symposia

The only way to get Volumes is from booksellers or Springer directly.

Press Releases

ESO Press Releases and Press Photos are issued at irregular intervals, whenever there are important developments at ESO.