Monday 23/09/2024:Technical Insight into GPT/LLM/Generative AI technology

Barbara Plank, (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität - LMU, DE; IT University of Copenhagen, DK)

Remember to look up at the stars: Recent advances and Challenges in Natural Language Processing


Stephan Krusche, (Technical University of Munich - TUM, DE) 

Artemis: Interactive Learning with Generative AI

Tuesday 24/09/2024: GPT/LLM techs in astronomy

Maggie Lieu ( University of Nottingham, UK)

AI in Astronomy


Yuan-Sen TING (The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA)

Can Artificial Intelligence Generate Meaningful Scientific Hypotheses?


Wednesday 25/09/2024: Cognitive Psychology; Impact of (AI-)technologies on cognition

Ella Glikson (Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan, ISRL)



Patrick P. Weis (Würzburg University, DE)

 Thinking outside the box: Why and when do problem solvers use their environments to help them think?

Thursday 26/09/2024: GPT/LLM used in evaluation/funding/hiring processes

Zen Faulkes (DORA Program Director) (TBC)

 Artificial intelligence in research assessment


Tereza Jerabkova (European Southern Observatory - ESO, Garching bei München, DE)

STAR@ESO: Scientific Text Analysis with Robots applied to observatory proposals


Claire Salinas (Science Europe)


Friday 27/09/2024: GPT/LLM and astronomical journals: policies, ethics

May Chiao (Nature Astronomy)

Nature Portfolio's view of chatbots in scientific publishing


Christoph Lütge (Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence - IEAI, TUM, DE)

Ethical Aspects of Generative AI