Gravity News

Instrument specific news

  • 2017-03: Data tools links listed here
  • 2017-03: For P100, Gravity is now offered for:
    • excellent seeing conditions with fainter limiting magnitudes in single and dual field. See the instrument description page.
    • large programs
  • 2016-12: For P99 phase 2 OB preparation, note the change in the acquisition. There are now  two templates according to a single-field or dual-field acquisition.
  • 2016-08: For P99, Gravity can be requested with both ATs and UTs as feeding telescopes. The instrument can be used as spectro-imager in single field (medium and high spectral resolution) and in dual field (low, medium and high spectral resolution). Gravity's astrometric mode and its CIAO units undergo commissioning throughout P99.
  • 2016-03: Gravity will be offered for the first time to the community for regular programs in P98 and for Science Verification in P97. The instrument is offered with the auxiliary telescope array in spectro-imaging mode for the medium and high spectral resolution settings. Gravity can be used in both single and dual field modes (i.e. both on-axis and off-axis fringe-tracking).

Gravity in the news

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