p1 : a web-based tool for the preparation of your observing proposal

ESO will soon release a new web application for its Phase 1 interface (p1, for short) that supports the preparation and submission of Phase 1 observing proposals for all facilities of the La Silla Paranal Observatory (e.g., VLT/I, VISTA, VST, La Silla , APEX).

During Period 103, the new p1 interface is offered for the preparation and submission of Director's Discretionary Time (DDT) proposals only (FP: need to add footnote: Urgent DDT submissions (needing a response within 24h or less) may still use the old ESOFORM-based system, to ease their proposal submission. Please note that non-urgen DDT proposals using the old system will be ignored.)

The new p1 system brings several new features and allows users (PI, delegated PI, coIs): i. to edit collaboratively the proposal; ii. to correct an already submitted proposal (before the deadline); iii. to visualize at a glance the visibility of a target and the probability of realization of the requested conditions; iv. to retrieve target information directly from Simbad.

Changes always have some implications. All CoIs will need to have an ESO User Portal account. Also, it will not be possible to directly re-submit existing LaTeX proposals in the new system.  

Once the new p1 system is released for all telescopes of the LSP Observatory, the ESOFORM set-up, which has served the community for the past decades, will be retired.



We recommend you to familiarise with the new interface by creating test proposals using the public p1 demo. Here, you can get acquainted with the proposal preparation workflow, practice with the formulation of your observing runs and set-ups, test the submission. Please be reminded that this is a public demo interface, hence be mindful about the information you are sharing.

The new p1 user interface collects the same information as the old ESOFORM did, but the workflow may differ slightly and it has been optimised to offer a more intuitive approach for the specification of, e.g., time constraints. Each step of the proposal preparation workflow includes 'mini-helps' that summarise the main instructions for that specific step.

The new Phase 1 web interface is available at the following URL (FP: still to be verified):


Please log-in using your ESO User Portal credentials.

General comments and suggestions related to Phase 1 material preparation and p1 can be sent to opo@eso.org or via usd-help@eso.org e-mail to ESO Observing Programmes Office.

p1 is implemented using Google’s angular framework [https://angular.io]. We recommend to run p1 with Google Chrome (version 52), Firefox (version 48), Safari (version 9), MacOS (version 10.9, Mavericks), Fedora Linux (version 24). (FP: TBV for p1, these are recommended for p2)