4MOST Proposals

In preparation for the start of operations with 4MOST,  following a call for Letters of Intent issued in November 2019, ESO is inviting successful teams to submit a full proposal for public spectroscopic surveys. A public survey is understood to be an observing programme in which the investigators commit to produce and make publicly available a fully reduced and scientifically usable data set that is likely to answer a major scientific question, be of general use and of broad interest to the astronomical community. The raw data are public immediately. Please also consult the 4MOST Survey Policies.


The deadline for sending proposals for public spectroscopic surveys with 4MOST is: 

15 December 2020, 12:00 CET.

Proposals should be submitted using the Phase-1 web-based proposal submission system. 

In addition to the proposal submission, the teams shall also use the 4FS Web Interface and complete all the necessary steps to generate the Scope of Survey (SoS). This will include the submission of a target catalogue following a specific format. Please refer to 4MOST Facility Simulator User Manual for a detailed description of the process. 

The ESO Director General will select the successful public surveys based on the recommendations of the Public Survey Panel (PSP) and Observing Programmes Commitee (OPC), which will evaluate their scientific excellence and their technical feasibility.  The selected teams will be invited to prepare a survey management plan, whose approval by ESO is mandatory before final acceptance of a public survey.


Step-by-step guide to the proposal submission

  1. Register with and log into the 4FS Web Interface system. Create, upload and validate all necessary files to compute the Scope of Survey (this is the minimum amount of fiber hours needed for your survey). Imput file packages and calculations can be updated and resubmitted until the proposal deadline, but please be aware that it takes a long time to create the input files and compute the SoS. Once you are happy with the Scope of Survey calculation hit the SUBMIT button inside 4FS. You wll then receive by email the submitted report. You could include this report into the template inside P1 (see step 4).
  2. Log into the P1 system and create a 4MOST proposal in the system.
  3. Retrieve the P1 word template from the P1 system (or from this link) and complete the science and technical justification.
  4. Insert the output of the last/final submitted SoS calculation as the last element into the word proposal template. This can be done either as an image directly in the word template or merging two pdf files. 
  5. Upload the PDF proposal template to the P1 submission system and fill in all other requested elements in the P1 system.
  6. (Re-)Submit the full proposal on the P1 system before the deadline of  15 Dec 2020, 12:00 CET.


Relevant informations:


For help please contact  usd-help@eso.org