Calendars and Calculators

The tools and information linked from this page will be useful for all the aspects of observations that are related to the position of the target: their visibility, sun- and moon-rise and -set, ephemerides for Solar System minor bodies, etc.


  • Calculation of Site Sky Ephemerides
    This tool produces a nightime calendar of phenomena for a single site.
  • Solar System Ephemerides:  IMCCE service hosted through ESO Moving Targets Procedures page
    The IMCCE service provides the same data in PAF format that needs to be used for ESO Observing Blocks preparation.
  • Object Observability
    This tool provides object observability tables based on site, object coordinates and observing period.
  • Daily Almanac
    This tool produces almanac data for a single site and for a single date. Provided by courtesy of J. Thorstensen and B. Casey.

Position, Airmass, Extinction

ETCs and Units Conversion