On this page, we list the main changes that affected MUSE and this web site.

News about Science Data Product Forum

We would like to draw your attention about the existence of the Science Data Products internet forum which can be found at:


4 July 2014

Version 0.18.2 of the MUSE pipeline and data reduction cookbook have been released, they can be found here. This version is necessary to reduce data taken when temperatures are below approximately 7°C: the recipe muse_flat has problem tracing some of the slices in channel 6. This is a known problem that we are currently working on and likely it will be fixed in the near future, however for the time being to overcome this problem we urge you to follow the recovery procedure described in section 8.2 of the latest Cookbook manual (version 0.18.2).

30 June 2014 Science verification observations were conducted between June 20 and June 29. Details and completion rate of the different proposals can be found here.  
26 May 2014: MUSE User Manual for Science Verification and Period P4 (v1.1) released.  
28 Feb 2014: Final version of MUSE User Manual for Phase I, P94 has been released.
22 Feb 2014: The first commissioning run of MUSE has been succesfully completed.  
31 Jan 2014: MUSE sees First Light
9 Jan 2014: Succesfull landing of MUSE on the UT4 Nasmyth B platform. For the whole story you can visit the MUSE blog maintained by Roland Bacon.