VISIR Documentation

VISIR User Manual

All the informations about the instrument itself, its modes and their characteristics as well as detailed information on the acquisition, observation, and calibration templates.

  • Period 97.1, to be used for P97 Phase 1 preparation. Updated sensitivities and coronographic performances.
  • Period 96.2, to be used for P96 Phase 2 preparation. The most important updates concern coronography, OB constraints (PWV, image quality, etc.) and the GuideCam tool.
  • Period 96.1, to be used for P96 Phase 1 preparation. Additional information will be provided after March 15th when the ongoing commissioning run has been completed.
  • Period 95.2, to be used for P95 Phase 2 preparation.
  • Period 95.1, to be used for P95 Phase 1 preparation.
  • Period 91 , to be used for P91 Phase 1 preparation.
  • Period 90 , to be used for P90 Updated User Manual following the first commissioning run.
  • Period 90 , to be used for P90 Update on the VISIR upgrade schedule.
  • Period 89 , to be used for P89 Anticipating first changes due to the replacement of the old DRS detector with the new 1k × 1k AQUARIUS detector.
  • Period 88 , to be used for P88 (emphasis on the use of UCAC3 instead of USNO for the guide stars selection, and introducing an upper limit of 5 filters per service mode OB).
  • Period 87 , to be used for P87 (a modification of the HR allowed wavelengths [first line of Table.7] and emphasis on the non availability of K-band science imaging).
  • Period 86 , to be used for P86 (no changes with respect to previous periods).
  • Period 85 , to be used for P85 (no changes with respect to previous periods).
  • Period 84 , to be used for P84 (no changes with respect to P83 and P82).
  • Period 83 , to be used for P83 (no changes with respect to P82).

VISIR GuideCam Tool User Manual

VISIR Data reduction Cookbook

VISIR Consortia information