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VISIR User Manual

The manual contains all information about the instrument itself, its modes and their characteristics as well as detailed information on the acquisition, observation, and calibration templates. The most recent version of the manual, valid for the period indicated and after, until superceded by a new version, are found at the top. Older versions of the manal are provided for rreference.

  • Current version to be used for P100: Version 99.1 (i.e the same as for P99).
  • Version 99.1, to be used for P99. Updated sensitivities and several minor changes.
  • Version 98.1, to be used for P98. Updated sensitivities and added description of the newly offered modes.
  • Version 97.2, to be used for P97 Phase 2. Sensitivities updated.
  • Version 97.1, to be used for P97 Phase 1 preparation. Updated sensitivities and coronographic performances.
  • Version 96.2, to be used for P96 Phase 2 preparation. The most important updates concern coronography, OB constraints (PWV, image quality, etc.) and the GuideCam tool.
  • Version 96.1, to be used for P96 Phase 1 preparation. Additional information will be provided after March 15th when the ongoing commissioning run has been completed.
  • Version 95.2, to be used for P95 Phase 2 preparation.
  • Version 95.1, to be used for P95 Phase 1 preparation.
  • Version 91, to be used for P91 Phase 1 preparation.
  • Version 90, to be used for P90 Updated User Manual following the first commissioning run.
  • Version 90, to be used for P90 Update on the VISIR upgrade schedule.
  • Version 89, to be used for P89 Anticipating first changes due to the replacement of the old DRS detector with the new 1k × 1k AQUARIUS detector.
  • Version 88, to be used for P88 (emphasis on the use of UCAC3 instead of USNO for the guide stars selection, and introducing an upper limit of 5 filters per service mode OB).
  • Version 87, to be used for P87 (a modification of the HR allowed wavelengths [first line of Table.7] and emphasis on the non availability of K-band science imaging).
  • Version 86, to be used for P86 (no changes with respect to previous periods).
  • Version 85, to be used for P85 (no changes with respect to previous periods).
  • Version 84, to be used for P84 (no changes with respect to P83 and P82).
  • Version 83, to be used for P83 (no changes with respect to P82).

VISIR GuideCam Tool User Manual

VISIR Data reduction Cookbook

VISIR Consortia information