OmegaCAM specific tools

OmegaCAM OBs are prepared with p2. Observers are encouraged to use the Survey Area Definition Tool SADT for optimizing the survey area coverage.
Some useful links regarding OmegaCAM properties (to be updated once commissioning concludes):

Data Reduction

OmegaCAM public survey data are processed by Astro-WISE (KIDS) and CASU (ATLAS, VPHAS+).

All normal users OmegaCAM data can also be reduced by the CASU-pipeline. Users who are the PI of an accepted OmegaCAM run must grant access to the data under the programme ID before the start of the observing period. This is done by delegating the access to the data to via the ESO user portal. 

Furthermore there are other pipelines that can be used to reduce OmegaCAM data, for example VSTtube and the publically available THELI

A preliminary catalogue of secondary standard stars is available for download by Astro-WISE (KIDS). As for October 2014, the catalogue includes 8 Landolt fields in the five filters u, g, r, i and z.

Generic Tools and information


The Phase 2 Proposal Preparation Tool - P2

The service mode observation for the ESO public survey requires to schedule a large number of observation blocks every year. This requires a p2 tool which can handle as well complex observing strategies. Please see the p2 page and OmegaCam p2 tutorial.