ESO has recently implemented the new web application p2 in support of the preparation of Phase 2 material of Paranal's visitor mode runs.

The user interface implements most of the features already available on P2PP3 with the following benefits:

1. Visitors can create OBs using a web browser (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Safari) without the need for installation of a dedicated software.   
2. Any OB created through p2 will be directly recorded in ESO’s database and hence become available in real-time at the telescope’s console in the Paranal Control Room.

IMPORTANT: We ask designated visitors to use the "Notify Paranal" function in p2 to inform Paranal that the observing material (including OBs, README and Checklist) is ready. The material will be review by the staff at Paranal. You will be contacted if any revision is needed.

The new Phase 2 web interface is available at the following URL:


Please log-in using your ESO User Portal credentials.

p2 is implemented using Google’s angular framework [https://angular.io]. We reccomend to run p2 with Google Chrome >= version 52, Firefox >= version 48, Safari >= version 9, MacOS >= version 10.9 (Mavericks), Fedora Linux >= version 24.

Visitors are encouraged to provide feedback on the observing experience, including tools, through the end-of-mission report. General comments and suggestions related to Phase 2 material preparation and p2 can also be sent via e-mail to usd-help@eso.org.