A planned IT Maintenance and Release Window is scheduled between

Saturday, 11 February 2023 at 08:00 CET/04:00 CLST and Sunday, 12 February 2023 at 24:00 CET/20:00 CLST.

From 08:00 CET/04:00 CLST on Saturday, all ESO IT services including ERP, Email, Database Management Systems,
the Scientific Archive, the User Portal, and Internet connectivity on all ESO sites, could be subject to intermittent outages
due to configuration changes in the computer rooms.
Full services won't be guaranteed before Monday, 13 February 2023.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

OB Execution Overheads

The time allocated to your program is total execution time, i.e., integration time + overheads. Therefore, the total execution time of the Observation Blocks (OBs) you submit should be less than or equal to the total time allocated, with the only possible exception of Target of Opportunity runs. The option of submitting OBs for an execution time exceeding the allocation and terminating the programme when the allocation time is exceeded is not currently supported in Service Mode.

To determine total execution time, please use the the Execution Time report function in the web-based p2.

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