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VISIR is expected to be back operational for P95 (April 2015)
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VISIR - The VLT Imager and Spectrometer for the mid-InfraRed is an instrument providing diffraction limited, high sensitivity imaging in the two mid-infrared atmospheric windows: the N band between 8 and 13 microns and the Q band between 16.5 and 24.5 microns. It is also capable of taking long-slit spectroscopic observations with spectral resolution ranging from 1550 to 30000.

All calibration data from VISIR pass Data Flow Operations Garching. These pages contain information about VISIR Quality Control, pipeline processing, and data flow operations.

Use the archive web pages or the User Portal to browse and/or download VISIR raw data.

More informations on VISIR, especially regarding all technical aspects, can be found at the VISIR web pages. The current VISIR User's Manual is available here. The VISIR data reduction pipeline can be downloaded from the VLT instrument pipelines page.

Paranal ambient conditions can be found here.

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