LISA Manual

Subject Index


see: Lodging


Preliminary, first and second announcement: Publicity: Announcements
LOC: Announcements, program booklet and conference poster


Typical LISA attendants

Call for papers

Publicity: Call for papers

Conference date

LOC: Conference date and fee
POC: Setting conference dates

Conference fee

see Registration fee

Conference language -- difficulties for non-native speakers

SOC Special consideration
SOC visual aids

New idea 1

Conference location

Choosing a conference location (hosting institution): Location
LOC: Meeting rooms and technical equipment

Conference poster

LOC: Announcements, program booklet and conference poster
Publicity: Poster

Conference program

SOC: conference program
SOC: Examples of programs

Conference theme

POC: Choosing the conference theme

Content and structure

Introduction: LISA Manual content and structure


Definition: see Funding
See also: Friends of LISA


choosing editors: SOC proceedings
tasks: Proceedings: Editors' tasks

Financial matters

FOL: Collecting funds
FOL: Being the treasurer and distributing funds

Fiscal logistics

LOC: Fiscal logistics
FOL: Being the treasurer and distributing funds

General problems

LOC: General problem solving


Introduction: LISA IV concluding remarks by Brenda Corbin
Introduction: Dates and places of LISA I-IV

Instructions for authors

Proceedings: Author instructions
SOC: Author notifications

LISA Manual history


Local Organizing Committee

LOC: Tasks and responsibilities

POC: Selecting LOC co-chairs and members

Local sponsors

Funding: Local sponsors


LOC: Lodging

Meeting rooms and technical equipment

LOC: Meeting rooms and technical equipment


SOC: Author notifications

Photo gallery

SOC: Web photogallery (including examples)


LOC: Official conference photo

Post-meeting tasks

LOC: Post-meeting clean-up

Poster reviews

SOC Program planning

Preliminary Organizing Committee

POC: Tasks and responsibilities

Previous conferences

Introduction: Dates and places of LISA I-IV

Program booklet

LOC: Program booklet content and printing
SOC: Setting deadline and format for abstracts
Publicity: Communicating deadline for abstract receipt
LOC: Sample booklets


Proceedings: general issues
POC: Preliminary publisher inquiries
Proceedings: Content of the proceedings volume
Proceedings format: Proceedings, New Idea 2

Publicity items

Publicity: Publicity items


Choosing the proceedings publisher: Proceedings: Publisher


Introduction: Conference rationale
SOC: LISA conference assets


LOC: Registration

Registration fee

LOC: Conference date and fee
SOC: Determine conference fee
Funding: Registration fee


Funding: Reports to funding organizations
Publicity: Pre- and post-conference reports in journals and newsletters

Scientific Organizing Committee

SOC: Tasks and responsibilities
Past SOCs
POC: Selecting SOC co-chairs and members

Social events

LOC: Social events

Special Problems

English as conference language: Introduction, SOC
Introduction: Special LISA problems and considerations
LOC: Special problems the LOC may have to solve


Definition: see Funding
Local sponsors: Funding: Sponsors


Introduction: General meeting topics

Tourist information

LOC: Tourist information

Visual aids

Helping non-native speakers: SOC, LOC, New ideas

Web pages

Publicity: Website

Web photo gallery

see Photo gallery