I started working in this field in my spare time (which is not much) in 1997, when I commenced a study on the astronomical orientation of the ancient church of St. Martin in Artegna (Friuli-Italy). This building, that has a venerable history, appears to be oriented rather precisely along the East-West direction (the deviation is only 0.7 degrees), even though the natural horizon is disturbed by the presence of some mountains.
This triggered my curiosity and, since then, I started a more systematic work in this area. Give a try to the following links to get some more details on my activities in this field.


Current Projects

A few useful Archaeoastronomy links

Ancient astronomers. Giovanni Patat d'Artegna - 2007 (C)

(*) The two pictures at the top show a detail of one of the two stones that are currently inserted in the wall surrounding the St. Mary's church in Artegna (Friuli-Italy). The images of a Star and the Moon are pretty clearly visible. They have been dated as pre-roman (i.e. before 181 b.C), but the dating has been recently questioned. They are certainly not Roman...

Equinox sunset seen from St. Martin. The elevation of the natural horizon in the W direction is about 2.7 degrees.

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