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QC in the BOD environment


Aug. 1998-2001 QC group established (head: Bruno Leibundgut)
2001-2006 renamed as DFO group, part of DFO department (head: David Silva)
2007 renamed as QC group, part of DMO department (head: Reinhard Hanuschik)
2008-2011 renamed as DPQC group, part of DPD department; ERP knows us as QCG
2011- renamed as QC group, part of Back-end Operations Department, restructured with 4+1 QC scientists

The Quality Control Group is part of the Back-end Operations Department which has been re-structured from the former Data Products Department (DPD) in 2011. Find the current DMO organigram on the DMO twiki.

DMO (Data Management and Operations Division)
BOD (Back-end Operations Dept.) USD (User Support Dept.) ARC (ALMA Regional Center )
QCG (Quality Control) ASG (Archive Science group) SDP (Scientific Data Products) ACH (Archive Content Handling Group) USD ARC

The Data Management and Operations Division (DMO) has the responsibility to design, implement, and operate the Data Flow Systems for the VLT and VLTI. The division currently consists of four departments:

The Back-end operations Department (BOD) is responsible for the archive, for data products and for data processing.

BOD consists of four groups:

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