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documentation about NGAS

[ used databases ] databases ngas for availability check
[ used dfos tools ] dfos tools calls ngasClient for test download
[ output used by ] output used by autoDaily ($DFO_MON_DIR/list_data_dates)
[ output used by ] upload/download none



This tool monitors the file availability in the NGAS system. It is called by the workflow tool autoDaily but can also be called from the command line. It creates the web page ngasMonitor.html under $DFO_MON_DIR.

The tool scans the NGAS archive system for the latest 10 days (counted backwards from $TODAY). The tool has an option to use a non-default starting date (-d <date>), then all dates between that date and TODAY are scanned. Dates always follow the DFO convention (12UT plus $DFO_OFFSET).

The tool reads the status file DFO_STATUS under $DFO_MON_DIR. Dates are color-coded according to their availability status (green: all files available from NGAS, yellow: some files available; red: no files available yet; grey: no data measured). The last date is always coded yellow (since we don't know yet about its completeness).


NGAS_file_list under $DFO_MON_DIR.

How to install

Use 'dfosInstall -t utilPack' to install or update the tool.

How to use

Type ngasMonitor -h for on-line help, ngasMonitor -v for the version number, and ngasMonitor to refresh the NGAS monitor. If called with option -d <date>, the scan will start on <date> instead of the default date. Note that any data from previously not shown dates "discovered" that way will not be considered as new.

Configuration files


Status information

The tool reads status information from DFO_STATUS (raw_Complete/raw_Incomplete). It also manages its own status file, NGAS_STATUS under $DFO_MON_DIR, which contains the last file found on the last scan.

Operational aspects

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