Common DFOS tools:

dfos = Data Flow Operations System, the common tool set for DFO
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  The tool is distributed through the utilities package (utilPack).



This is a utility tool used by many dfos tools for date arithmetics and conversion between civil date and mjd-obs. It replaces mjd2date and date2mjd and offers better performance and functionality.

It offers three functions:

qcdate 2026-10-14 --> 61327 (date converted into mjd-obs)

qcdate 53887 --> 2006-06-01 (mjd-obs converted into civil date)

qcdate 2026-01-06 --> 2025-12-27 (date arithmetics)

The format is automatically recognized. The date format must follow the QC convention (YYYY-MM-DD).


The tools comes with the utilPack package.

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