Common DFOS tools:

dfos = Data Flow Operations System, the common tool set for DFO
*make printable new: see also:
- rawdisp2reference promoted to stand-alone tool

Utilities: utilPack


This is a set of small tools providing various utility functions. The package collects small tools which are either rarely used, or only used by other tools, and which don't fit in any of the major workflows.
tool name description usage man page
cleanupRawdisp removes outdated directories with RAWDISP plots on web servers w1/w2/odyssey5 cron job cleanupRawdisp.html
cleanupProducts replace product fits files by their header from job file JOBS_CLEANUP cleanupProducts.html
dfosBackup create regular backups of DFOS and data cron job dfosBackup.html
dfosCleanPath cleanup the LD_LIBRARY_PATH and tune system performance in .qcrc dfosCleanPath.html modify parts of the OCA RLS file to have one-line output compatible with createCalibMap in createAB and in createCalibMap dfosRLSmassage.html
dfosVNCserver checks for running vnc sessions; if not found, creates them cron job dfosVNCserver.html
enterCommentsBulk enter raw or product file comments during certifyProducts in bulk mode command line, during execution of certifyProducts enterCommentsBulk.html
getObInfo query old or new database for OB related information from createReport, calChecker getObInfo.html
hideFrame send a change/hide request to dbcm command line hideFrame.html
modhead add a new FITS key to a file header command line modhead.html
ngasMonitor monitors new data in NGAS within autoDaily ngasMonitor.html
qcdate date conversion and arithmetics within many dfos tools qcdate.html
refreshVCAL create virtual calibrations from scratch command line refreshVCAL.html
writeBreakpoint write a new breakpoint for calSelector into the QC1 database calsel_breakpoints command line writeBreakpoint


Use dfosExplorer, or type dfosInstall -t utilPack .

Last update: April 26, 2021 by rhanusch