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Backup of DFO and QC machines

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This is the internal QC home page. An external page is also available.

Which machines

The information on this page applies to the following DFO operational machines:

Home directories

/home/<inst> == /hsrmnt/home/<inst>

Home directories for the operational instrument accounts (as well as other important home directories such as quality, flowmgr etc) are served to the DFO Blade nodes and the QC cluster nodes via NFS from hrs01. The relevant shared directories are /ots/dfo/home and /ots/qc/home.

Since 2008-10-07, the entire /ots directory structure (i.e. including these two vital home directory systems) is backed up to the Backup Server bu2 using the ONANU.backup script. A SNAPSHOT of the /ots directory structure is made once per night at 04:00am, followed by a WEEDOUT. The configuration is set such that the weedout keeps the most recent 30days of backups, then one backup per month for the past year and then one backup per year for the last ten years...

The following files are excluded fron the backup:

DFO Blade Data directories

/data<NN>/<inst> == /diska/data<NN>/<inst>

Currently the entire /diska/data<NN> directory structure is backed up once per night, but this can NOT be maintained, it uses too much disk space, and this will only get worse when we all have 1Tb...

Thus, we (RH+JDP) propose the following:

This would be achieved via the ONANU.backup script and we would need a DFOS script to generate each night a config file for the backup script specifying either the directories to be backed up, or conversely the directories NOT to be backed up. The first option would be better I (JDP) think, in which case we would backup:

QC Cluster Data directories

/data<NN>/<inst> == /diska/data<NN>/<inst>


Directories NOT backed up

The following disks/partitions/dirctories are NOT backed up:


ONANU.backup script

The ONANU.backup script in use is derived from the backup script of John Pritchard who developed a little (adding config file and command line option functionality) the script of Ole Neilsen, ANU, see here.

The original backup script implements three main functionalities: In the version currently used by SOS the SYNC is disabled.
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Last update: July 29, 2008