[off the Norwegian coast] Photography

This is a list of subdirectories containing GIF or JPEG scans of photographs. The topic is generally astronomy-related travel, ie, conferences, summer schools etc. In addition, there is a small section on relevant photographic technical information.

A page describing the use of a Sony DSC F707 digital camera for taking infrared (~800nm) images.

A brief illustrated report on the use of a polarizer with the Hasselblad 30mm fisheye lens is available.

NORFA89 summer school Tromso 1989
NORFA95 summer school Tromso 1995
Mauna Kea, Keck 1996
Quasar Hosts, IAC/ESO workshop, Tenerife, September 1996
Launch of STS-82, Florida, February 1997
Misc. astro.
Amsterdam and Dwingeloo, October 1997
Hawaii, Keck, December 1997
Pula, Sardinia, May 1998
Cambridge and Hatfield, February 2000
Lisbon, April 2000: ESO workshop
San Pedro/Bolivia, July 2000
ISDC Geneva, October 2000
Dwingeloo, Feb/Mar 2001
Santiago, AGN at all scales, December 2003
Israel, February 2006
Northern Ireland, September 2008

An annotated catalogue of pictures from the February 1997 trip to Florida (STS-82) and the Southwestern USA is available as an Adobe PDF file (1.8MB)

Some portraits of (mostly) astronomers taken on fast Polaroid film (type 667, 3000 ASA).

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