Dr. Steffen Mieske

Operations staff astronomer at the VLT





Scientific interests:


If you are interested in pursueing an undergraduate research project or your PhD thesis related to one of the topics above at ESO Vitacura, please contact me. ESO PhD studentships are offered once per year with application deadline June 15. Collaborations with Chilean universities and institutes in all ESO member states are possible and welcome.

Regarding the Chilean institutes, I am involved in collaborations mainly with T. Puzia (PUC), T. Richtler and M. Fellhauer (UdeC). At ESO Garching, my main collaborator is M. Hilker on observational aspects of star clusters and dwarf galaxies. At ESO Chile I collaborate mainly with G. Carraro on observations of Galactic Globular Clusters and until his departure to Victoria with R. Sanchez-Janssen, on the dwarf galaxy luminosity function. I also maintain collaborations with P. Kroupa, H. Baumgardt, A. Kuepper, and J. Dabringhausen in Bonn regarding the theoretical aspects of star cluster dynamics and evolution, which has included a half-year ESO PhD studentship of Andreas Kuepper at ESO Vitacura. Regarding the properties of dwarf galaxies and star clusters in galaxy groups, I work with T. Lisker, S. Lieder, and R. Sanchez-Janssen .

I have been co-supervisor of the PhD theses of Ingo Misgeld and Matthias Frank at LMU and ARI Heidelberg.

I was principal supervisor of Stefan Lieder during his two-year ESO Chile studentship from 03/2011 to 03/2013, where he worked on the dwarf galaxy luminosity function in Fossil Groups. This work was pursued in collaboration with Ruben Sanchez and Michael Hilker at ESO, and Thorsten Lisker at ARI Heidelberg. I furthermore supervise Christoph Saulder during his two-year ESO Chile studentship from 11/2011 to 10/2013. Christoph's PhD thesis aims on testing timescape cosmology and studying peculiar motions in the local universe. This work is done in collaboration with Werner Zeilinger at Vienna University.

Together with Yazan Momany I coordinate the activities of the ESO Vitacura Star Cluster Group. In April 2011 we organised an international ESO workshop in Vitacura on the Dynamics of Low-Mass Stellar systems.


Publication list from ADS and arXiv