Dynamics of Low-Mass Stellar Systems: From Star Clusters to Dwarf Galaxies

Santiago, Chile, April 4-8, 2011

The dynamics of low-mass stellar systems is not only an interesting subject in its own right, but is also intimately linked to global theories of structure formation, the physics of gravity, and the shape of the stellar initial mass function. Given the wealth of new information gathered most recently in this field, the time is ripe to hold a dedicated meeting on this topic. We aim at bringing together a mix of astronomers from both observations and theory that work on the dynamics of dwarf galaxies and star clusters. The workshop will be held at the ESO premises in Santiago -- which also holds the brand-new ALMA headquarters --, and will be limited to 80-100 participants.

As of May 9, the presentations are available as links from the program web page


Conference e-mail: dynamics2011@eso.org

Organiser: ESO

Conference photo