16 - 20 September 2024

Brno, Czech Republic


Conference Overview

Join us at the forefront of unravelling the mysteries of galaxy evolution at our upcoming workshop, where we delve into the dynamic processes shaping galaxies and especially their gas outflows across the universe. This event is a unique opportunity to merge theoretical insights and observational breakthroughs, sparked by the latest data from cutting-edge astronomical instruments. Our focus is on dissecting the complex interplay between galactic outflows, the Initial Mass Function (IMF), and the intricate mass-metallicity relationship, all of which are key to understanding the cosmic tapestry of galaxy formation and evolution.

Workshop Themes

  • Galactic Outflows and Feedback: Explore the pivotal role of star formation and active galactic nuclei in driving galactic outflows. Engage in discussions on their impact on galaxy properties and the challenges in observing these phenomena across different phases.
  • The Variable Stellar Initial Mass Function: Delve into the implications of a variable IMF on galaxy evolution, from metal production to explaining the diverse properties observed in galaxies. Assess the effectiveness of current astronomical tools in studying these variations.
  • The Mass-Metallicity Relation (MZR): Examine the empirical connections between a galaxy's metallicity and stellar mass. Understand how outflows and the IMF influence this relationship through cosmic time.
  • Innovations in Observational Astronomy: Discover the potential of new instruments and facilities such as VLT/ERIS, ALMA, JWST, and ELT in advancing our understanding of high-redshift galaxies, multiphase outflows, and stellar populations.

Interactive Sessions and Collaborative Opportunities

Each day, our schedule is designed to foster deep discussions and interactive sessions focused on the workshop's main topics. We are committed to creating a vibrant platform for exchanging ideas, sparking debates, and forging new collaborations. Highlights include:

  • Dedicated Discussion Time: Ample space is allocated daily for discussions, allowing participants to delve into each topic's nuances and share insights.
  • Innovative Speaker Selection: Our approach to speakers is twofold. We spotlight promising junior scientists as our invited speakers, bringing fresh perspectives and cutting-edge research to the forefront. Simultaneously, we welcome senior participants to lead summary panel discussions, blending the wisdom of experienced researchers with innovative ideas from the field's future leaders.

Aim and Vision

Our workshop aims to bridge the gap between observational challenges and theoretical models in galaxy evolution. By promoting a deeper understanding of the underlying processes and encouraging collaborations, we aspire to pave the way for breakthroughs and novel insights in astrophysics. Join us in this exciting endeavour to explore the cosmos through the lens of galaxy evolution. 


We have selected Brno, a vibrant city in the Czech Republic, as the venue for our conference. Brno is conveniently located near Vienna, Austria, making it easily accessible from most European countries and it is in proximity to ESO and Italy. This strategic choice not only facilitates travel for our attendees but also aims to foster new collaborations within these two burgeoning scientific hubs. Our goal is to catalyze the exchange of ideas and spark innovative partnerships in these dynamic centres of scientific growth.

Registration fees will apply.

Location address:
Brno Observatory and Planetarium
Kraví hora 2
616 00 Brno
Czech Republic



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