Satellites and Streams in Santiago

Santiago, Chile, April 13 - 17, 2015


This ESO workshop focuses on three interrelated topics: Satellites, Streams, and the Star Cluster-Dwarf Galaxy interface. The workshop aims at creating a bigger picture of how galactic satellites and tidal streams are interconnected within the framework of hierarchical structure formation.

Galactic satellites give us an account of low-mass substructures at the present day. Tidal streams, on the other hand, are tracers of how these substructures disrupt and contribute to their host's assembly. Therefore, taken together, satellites and streams offer a unique opportunity to test and improve our understanding of structure formation — not just on small scales, but also on large scales by enabling us to measure the shape of the gravitational potential of their hosts.

However, satellite properties differ substantially. The discovery of transition objects at the star cluster -- dwarf galaxy interface has blurred the historical distinction between satellite classes, putting at question our understanding of tidal transformation and our census of small stellar systems. Exploring the star cluster-dwarf galaxy interface will be therefore an integral part of this workshop.

The workshop will take place at ESO Chile premises from April 13-17 and will be restricted to 100 participants.

There will be about 15 invited keynote talks of 30 min, and 40-50 talks of 20 min with a mixture of invited and contributed talks, including ample time for discussion.

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Organizer: ESO

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Satellites and Streams in Santiago