Scientific Programme


Registrations, Posters set up, Welcome cocktail: April 12 (Sunday), 16:00-20:00 (ESO Office)

Program Overview

(CT) Contributed talk / (IT) Invited Speaker / (KN) Keynote Speaker

Day 1, Monday 13 April 2015
09:00 Steffen & Andreas Welcome  address
09:20 Tim de Zeeuw Welcome remarks
09:50 Jorge Peñarrubia (KN)
Dynamical modelling of dwarf galaxies PDF
10:20 Chervin Laporte (CT)
Under the sword of Damocles: regeneration of dark matter cusps at the smallest galactic scales in CDM PDF
10:40 Coffee
11:20 Michelle Collins (KN)
The internal dynamics of dwarf spheroidal  galaxies: an observational point of view
11:50 Jeff Carlin (CT)
The LAMOST view of Galactic halo substructure PDF
12:10 Giacomo Beccari (CT)
The StEllar Counterparts of COmpact high velocity clouds (SECCO) survey PDF
12:30 Eduardo Balbinot (CT)
The LMC structure from early Dark Energy Survey data PDF
12:50 DES News
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Erik Tollerud (IT)
Search for Local Volume Dwarf galaxies in HI PDF
14:50 Thorsten Lisker (IT)
Low-mass galaxies in different environments of the local universe  
15:10 Coral Wheeler (CT)
It's the little things: ultra-faint satellites of isolated dwarf galaxies PDF
15:30 Denija Crnojevic (CT)
Discovering new faint satellites and streams beyond the Local Group: the PISCeS survey  
15:50 Coffee
16:30 Else Starkenburg (IT)
The satellites of the Milky Way and a LambdaCDM Universe PDF
16:50 Rachael Beaton (CT)
Caught in the Act of Quenching? Local Volume Dwarf Satellites with On-Going Star Formation PDF
17:10 Benjamin Hendricks (CT)
Do Globular Clusters Share the Chemical Enrichment History of their Host Galaxy? PDF
17:30 Ryan Leaman (CT)
Uncovering the accretion history of the MW using star clusters and dwarf galaxies PDF
17:50 Thomas de Boer (CT) The Star Formation History of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy and streams PDF
Day 2, Tuesday 14 April 2015
09:00 Pavel Kroupa (KN)
Are all satellite galaxies tidal dwarfs? PDF
09:30 Pierre Alain Duc (IT)
Tidal dwarf galaxies within stellar streams PDF
09:50 Sylvia Ploeckinger (CT)
The destiny of tidal dwarf galaxies PDF
10:10 Marcel Pawlowski (CT)
Can we tell the planes' truth? On the suggested origins of co-orbiting planes of satellite galaxies PDF
10:40 Coffee
11:20 Rodrigo Ibata (KN)
Tidal tails and satellite orientations in M31 PDF
11:50 Noam Libeskind (IT)
Planes of dwarf galaxies and the cosmic web in the local universe PDF
12:10 Karoline Gilbert (IT)
M31 satellites and stellar streams from SPLASH PDF
12:30 Tobias Goerdt (CT)
The co-planarity of satellite galaxies delivered by randomly aligned cold mode accretion streams PDF
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Vasily Belokurov (KN)
Streams and satellites of the Milky Way PDF
15:00 Tony Sohn (CT)
HST Proper Motions of Satellites and Streams PDF
15:20 Blair Conn (CT) A PanSTARRS view on Monoceros PDF
15:50 Coffee
16:30 Gurtina Besla (KN)
Streams and the Magellanic Clouds PDF
17:00 Kathy Vivas (CT)
The Virgo Overdensity as seen by RR Lyrae stars PDF
17:20 Poster Session
Day 3, Wednesday 15 April 2015
09:00 Steve Majewski (KN)
Historical review on tidal tails in the MW PDF
09:30 Carl Grillmair (IT)
Stellar Streams in the Galactic halo PDF
09:50 Giovanni Carraro (CT) Signatures of streams and accretion in the outer MW disk PDF
10:10 Heidi Newberg (CT)
Rings and Radial Waves in the Disk of the Milky Way PDF
10:40 Coffee
11:20 Amina Helmi (KN) Dynamics of tidal tails PDF
11:50 Jo Bovy (IT) Action-angle modeling of tidal streams PDF
12:10 Robyn Sanderson (CT)
Inferring the Galactic gravitational potential with Gaia and friends PDF
12:30 Raymond Carlberg (CT)
Dynamics of stellar streams PDF
13:00 Lunch
Day 4, Thursday 16 April 2015
09:00 Aaron Romanowsky (KN)
Tidal streams outside the Local Group PDF
09:30 Edouard Bernard (CT) The nature and origin of substructure in the outskirts of M31 PDF
09:50 Carolin Wittmann (CT)
A search for tidal features around stellar systems in nearby galaxy clusters  
10:10 Michael West (CT)
Remnant Globular Cluster Streams in Galaxy Halos PDF
10:40 Coffee
11:20 Sarah Pearson (CT)
Tidal Stream Morphology as an Indicator of Dark Matter Halo Geometry: the Case of Palomar 5 PDF
11:40 Andreas Küpper (CT)
Globular Cluster Streams as Galactic High-Precision Scales PDF
12:00 Iskren Georgiev (CT)
Deep HST observations of Palomar 5 and its tidal tails PDF
12:20 Denis Erkal (CT)
The Three Phases of Gap Growth in Tidal Streams PDF
12:40 Mark Gieles (CT)
Initial globular cluster population = final globular cluster population + cold streams PDF
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Oleg Gnedin (KN)
Formation of star clusters and dwarf galaxies PDF
15:00 Michael Fellhauer (CT)
Modelling the faint dSph galaxies of the Milky Way PDF
15:20 Filippo Contenta (CT)
Faint stellar system in the outer Milky Way halo PDF
15:40 Paolo Bianchini (CT)
Testing the formation of extended star clusters through satellite accretion PDF
Jay Strader (KN)
Star Clusters vs. Galaxies: The Observational View PDF
Dougal Mackey (KN)
Filling up the mass-size plane of low-mass stellar systems in M31 PDF
Jean Brodie (IT)
Filling up the mass-size plane outside of the Local Group PDF
18:30 Conference barbecue at ESO premises

Day 5, Friday 17 April 2015
09:00 Michael Hilker (KN)
Ultra-compact dwarf galaxies as remnants of tidal disruption processes PDF
09:30 Duncan Forbes (IT)
New Insights for Ultra Compact Dwarfs PDF
09:50 Matthias Frank (CT)
Telling star clusters from galaxies in the "ultra-compact dwarf'' regime PDF
10:10 Karina Voggel (CT)
The Origins of the Ultra Compact Dwarfs in the Halo of NGC1399 PDF
10:40 Coffee
11:20 Anil Seth (KN)
Massive Black Holes in Dwarf Galaxies and Star Clusters PDF
11:50 Mark Norris (IT)
Aiming to Understand Compact Stellar Systems PDF
12:10 Adrien Guerou (CT)
Compact dwarf galaxies with the GMOS-IFU and NGVS: testing the continuity hypothesis PDF
12:30 Florent Renaud (CT)
The common origin of star clusters and UCDs: a numerical perspective PDF
12:50 Concluding remarks
Steffen & Andreas
13:00 Lunch