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Wind versus seeing for the primary mirror

On the 8-m primary mirror of the VLT, wind will have both a negative effect as it will deform dynamically the surface shape and a positive effect as it will decrease the mirror seeing when the mirror is warmer than ambient air. To analyze this combination we need to parameterize both effects in the same terms.

Dynamic deformations due to wind buffeting

Combining equations (gif) and (gif) the rms slope error of the optical aberration is given by the expression


where U is the mean wind flow speed about 60 cm above the mirror.
Inputing the data of the VLT 8.2-m mirror (cf. page gif) at the pressure height of 2500 m () equation (6.1) becomes


Mirror seeing

The mirror seeing FWHM angle is parameterized from equations (gif) and (gif) as


obtaining for the particular case of the VLT mirror and an average temperature



For small speed values of ( m/s), approaching the free convection condition, is parameterized by equation (gif):

The quadratic sum of and are plotted in fig. 6.1 for different positive mirror-air temperature differences.

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