Star Cluster Meeting

Santiago, March 9-11, 2009

Final announcement

Conference dinner ... Deadline for registration: Feb 26.

The growing scientific community in Chile appears especially active in the field of star cluster research. Only at ESO we have an active group of almost 20 people interested in research topics related to star clusters, ranging from stellar population studies in open clusters to extra-galactic super star clusters. We know that there are many more people in Chile, that some of us already collaborating with, sharing this interests. It is therefore that we propose to hold an informal meeting in on March 9-11, 2009 for the Star Cluster comunity in Chile where we can share our research activities and stimulate existing and future collaborations.

We propose a simple format in which all attendants give an oral presentation, while still allowing for ample time for discussion. Proposed sessions aim to encompass the interests of the Stellar Cluster community in Chile:

  • Stellar population studies from resolved stellar clusters
  • Star clusters in the Magellanic Clouds
  • Dynamical evolution (binaries, globular cluster mass function, cluster remnants etc.)
  • Extra-galactic star clusters (UCDs, super-star clusters, etc.)
  • Star formation in (embedded) clusters

The workshop will take place in the ESO offices in Santiago. There will be no workshop fee. We have some limited financial support, mainly for students.

For more information, please contact Mark Gieles

Deadline for registration is December 31, 2008.