ALMA Cycle 4 Events at the Nordic ARC Node

Published: 04 Dec 2015
Onsala rymdobservatorium-Chalmers

Announcement from the Nordic Node
In connection with the call for proposals for ALMA Cycle 4 the Nordic ARC node will be arranging workshops to provide direct, hands-on help with proposal preparation. In addition to general ALMA workshops, we will this time arrange science oriented workshops to give more focus on the scientific areas of interest to the Nordic region. All meetings are open to all ALMA users, although preference will be given to participants from the Nordic regions.

In addition to the planned workshops below, we are more than happy to visit your home institute to help with ALMA Cycle 4 proposal preparation. This can include science focused workshops, general workshops, or just hands-on work to help prepare proposals. Please contact us at if you want to arrange such a visit in connection with the ALMA Cycle 4 call for proposals.

At any time you are of course welcome to contact us for help on your Cycle 4 proposal, or to arrange a face to face visit here at the Nordic node in Onsala for proposal preparation.

Currently planned workshops:

  1. ALMA Cycle 4 general proposal preparation workshop, March 14+15, 2016
    At Onsala Space Observatory we will arrange a general workshop to present the new capabilities in ALMA Cycle 4, the updates to the Observing Tool, and give an introduction to the software needed to prepare an ALMA proposal. In addition we will have hands-on sessions to help prepare individual proposals using the ALMA OT.
  2. Evolved stars with ALMA Cycle 4, March 16+17, 2016
    As in previous cycles we will arrange an Evolved stars workshop to coordinate and prepare ALMA Cycle 4 proposals related to evolved stars. In addition to scientific presentations, the workshop will again include hands-on proposal preparation and writing.
  3. ALMA Cycle 4 proposal preparation in Stockholm, March 21+22, 2016
    We will arrange a local ALMA Cycle 4 proposal preparation workshop in Stockholm hosted by the Department of Astronomy at Stockholm University. This workshop will focus on observations of molecular gas related to star formation and AGN, as well as planetary disks. We will also give general updates on the ALMA Cycle 4 capabilities, and include sessions to prepare individual proposals.

More detailed information on the workshops will appear on our homepage in early 2016.

Dr. Matthias Maercker
Onsala Space Observatory, ALMA Regional Centre | Nordic
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola
SE-439 92 Onsala
phone: +46 (0)31 772 5521

The OSO 20m telescope. Credit: Onsala Space Observarory/Anna-Lena Lundqvist.