Nordic ARC Software Tools

Published: 07 Dec 2015
ALMA from the Air

Announcement from the Nordic Node
The Nordic ARC node has prepared a suite of software tools for analysis of primarily ALMA but also other interferometric data. Most tools are developed for use with CASA, but are in many cases general and adaptable to other packages.

Below is a short summary of the tools developed by the Nordic ARC node. For more information and software download, please visit the ‘Software Tools’ Section on the Nordic ARC node webpages

STACKER: Tool for source stacking in the visibility plane, which has several advantages compared to the image-based stacking (see Lindroos et al. 2015, MNRAS 446, 3502).

UVMULTIFIT: Advanced tool for visibility fitting. Complex source models can be implemented easily. It supports spectral-line mode, multi-frequency synthesis, W-term correction, possibility of efficient analysis of source variability, etc. Parallelized code for multi-core machines. (see Marti-Vidal et al. 2014, A&A 563, 136).

FAKEOBS: Fills already-existing datasets with model visibilities, computed from model images (or image cubes). Ideal for a robust comparison of observations with model predictions.

CLOSURES: Tool for performing a statistical study of the phase (and amplitude) closures in a dataset. Useful to identify problematic observations at an early stage of the data analysis.

APSYNSIM: An interactive simulator of Aperture Synthesis with a real-time response in its graphical interface. Advanced operations (like source deconvolution and antenna-gain corruption) can be performed. Ideal for teaching Interferometry.

CASAIRING: Tool for computing radial intensity profiles of sources in images (or image cubes).

CHANDRAFERMI: Tool to estimate magnetic-field properties of extended sources by applying the Chandrasekhar-Fermi equation (Chandrasekhar & ermi 1953, ApJ, 118, 113) to full-polarization images. This tool is being developed in collaboration with the German ALMA node in Bonn. 

Other Tools in Preparation

SPECSCAN: Tool for a self-consistent calibration and analysis of complete interferometric spectral scans.

MOVIECUBE: Tool to generate plots and animations of spectral-line full-polarization images (or image cubes).


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