Announcement of 3mm VLBI in ALMA Cycle 5

Published: 19 Jan 2017
ALMA observing

It is expected that phased ALMA will participate in some GMVA observations (GMVA) during ALMA Cycle 5 (Oct 1 2017 - Sept 30 2018; see the ALMA Cycle 5 Pre-announcement). Any GMVA proposal requesting phased ALMA during Cycle 5 must be submitted by the 1 February 2017 deadline; see the proposal call.

The number of ALMA dishes possible in the phased array is likely to be 35 - 43 (but see below). ALMA will not be in a configuration suitable for VLBI during GMVA Session II 2017. GMVA session dates during Cycle 5 are not yet fixed, but Session I in 2018, which is likely to be in March or April, should provide an opportunity for GMVA + ALMA observing. GMVA Session II in Fall 2018 may also overlap with ALMA Cycle 5 in a configuration suitable for VLBI. 

Proposers should:

  • specify "ALMA" in the Other Stations text field in the PST
  • select the default GMVA 3mm observing mode of 2 Gbps, dual polarization
  • specify the amount of time and GST range(s) needed for ALMA separately, either in Session Constraints or Comments, or in the Technical Justification.

A separate proposal to ALMA must also be submitted at the deadline for ALMA Cycle 5 proposals in April 2017. For this, all proposers (PI and Co-I's) must be registered ALMA users (see:


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